Principal Designer and

Creative Leader 

My diverse career, involving brand development, product design, visual design, and more, spans film and television production, global tech, agencies, and startups.

Working across mediums and industries, I've developed a comprehensive perspective on creativity and process. I am a realistic optimist; I foresee obstacles but am not deterred by them, knowing there are always workarounds that may come with compromises.


Career Highlights & Honors

Production designer on an Emmy Award-winning sketch comedy show, working with talented performers, including Bill Nye and Joel McHale.

Designing products for Surface and Xbox using emerging tech at Microsoft.

Product designer of the celebrated and 3x Apple-featured iOS photography app, Filmborn.

Featured by Pinterest as an influential user and recognized as having a keen sense for good design, appearing on many media outlets' must-follow lists, including Mashable, Complex, CreativeBloq, Details Magazine, and Wired Magazine Italy.

Recognition for logo designs by international design annual LogoLounge.

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