Filmborn preserves the look of analog film for the digital future of photography. The app introduces a new generation to the beauty and timelessness of esteemed film stocks by offering a true-to-film experience.





The custom-built camera module eliminated extraneous functions and focused only on the camera features necessary to compose and capture a photograph. These essential controls, placed within the lower third of the screen, improved the efficiency and usability of the camera. 

A significant feature developed for the camera was the first-of-its-kind gesture control of the Exposure and White Balance levels. Adjusting the exposure is achieved by sliding your thumb up/down within the image area of the camera and left/right to set the white balance correctly. These simple but critical settings are effortless to use and help the user take photos with the correct exposure, reducing, or even eliminating the need for post-processing.

The featured called 'Film Live-Preview,' indicated by the filmstrip/eye icon in the tab bar, aided in the perfect picture at capture. Activating this function applies your chosen film preset (filter) in real-time, providing the vital preview of a preset's color and tone necessary for setting proper exposure and white balance.

Displayed at the top of the screen are the current selections for aspect ratio, simulated lens, and film preset. 

A unique clipping tool, included in the tab bar, aids in setting the exposure level by marking the blown-out highlights in red.



The heart of this camera. With the Configuration Panel open, you can select a combination of the viewfinder (image aspect ratio), simulated lens, and film preset (filter) to use when shooting photos.

Another original feature to debut with Filmborn is Custom Camera Kits. Save up to three different configurations of the camera's viewfinder, lens, and preset for quick access later. This unique feature enables the user to switch between cameras for specific uses, like portrait, travel, or street photography.



Filmborn is connected to your phone's photo libraries, saving every photo you make with it directly to the camera roll. It allows you to view and edit any photo in your camera roll, taken with any other app. This approach eliminated a common point of frustration many photo apps suffer, where images taken with a camera app exist only within that app until exported.

Included in the Library is the Batch Editing feature, a staple of professional photo editing software. Easily copy edits from one photo and quickly paste to one or more images at once using simple press/hold and tap gestures.

Throughout Filmborn, we provided easy and immediate access back to the camera.



The four central functions of the Loupe are centered at the bottom of the screen, maintaining the principals of efficiency and usability in Filmborn's design. Viewing an isolated photo up-close in the Loupe, the user can like, begin editing, share, or delete the photo. Exiting to return to the Library or launching the camera are just as accessible. 


Three Darkroom editing panels provide a cohesive editing experience and help achieve consistency in your editing in less time. Make changes in any order across the Film, Develop, and Alter Panels without the need to save changes individually.

Save all changes at once in a non-destructive file format that allows you to undo or make new edits without permanently altering the photo.



The Develop Panel, where you hone the overall look of your photo, contains just the essentials for editing. Chosen to meet the needs of both professional photographers and the average iPhone user, the selection of tools help to build upon the powerful camera module.

The professional Curves tool is easy and intuitive, giving you robust control over the tonal range of shadows to highlights of your photo.




Featuring tools for skewing, rotating, and cropping your photos, the Alter Panel is the finishing step in the streamlined editing features of Filmborn.


Like traditional cameras, Filmborn comes with a comprehensive user manual that provides extensive information about every feature of the app. Filmborn is easy to use, and the core experience is simple to achieve; the manual serves to help users get even more out of the app, and develop a better understanding of what the intuitive tools throughout the app do.


Filmborn enables anyone to create professional-quality photographs based on the beauty, history, and consistency of traditional analog film. In support of this mission, each preset available in the app includes an informational and education one-sheet.

Within each, the characteristics and best-use applications for a preset provide valuable information to help users take better photos. Additionally, one-sheets include sample photos, background on the photographic film each preset emulates, as well as steps for shooting real film.



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